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Mercy Mogase

Mercy Mogase is a businesswoman, model, and television personality from South Africa. She is well-known due to her mother, Evodia Mogase.

Her mother is in charge of the family business. Mercy is also well-known for playing one of the Housewives in the popular African reality show The Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

Mercy Mogase Age, Biography

Mercy Mogase was born in the South African town of Soweto, Gauteng. Her mother, Evodia Mogase, is a businesswoman and television personality. She has even starred on the reality show The Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

Mercy’s father was also a television star who ran a panel-beating business in Limpopo that Evodia had helped to create. Her childhood was marred by her parent’s divorce. Evodia claims that her spouse was cheating on him and that he was always living with other girls.

Mercy began her basic education at a regular school with her half-sister. She was highly concerned about her studies. She later attended university and earned a degree in mechanical engineering.

Mercy Mogase Age

Mercy Mogase Net Worth

Mercy Mogase’s net worth is expected to be $3.5 million in 2023. Her entire fortune has increased slightly as a result of her hard work. She has accomplished more as a businesswoman and hence earned more money.


We believe that her fitness business provided her with the most of her fortune. However, she has a plethora of income streams that we cannot even imagine. Mercy is extremely popular in South Africa and other nations. Not just because of her mother, but because she has also reached various milestones in her life.

As previously stated, she also oversees a number of enterprises. Mercy has a large number of followers on her social media platforms as a result of these.

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg


Mogase is a powerful wMercyoman who believes in women’s emancipation and self-education. She has neither broken nor lost her client’s trust.

She possesses exceptional business abilities. Mercy is also an extremely diligent woman who never strays from her routine. She manages her business and acting career without interfering with his schedule.

Mercy makes her professional debut after working on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship from 2005 to 2007. She later founded Mercy Mogase Herbalife Nutrition, where she currently works as a wellness coach.

As each of her clients was never dissatisfied, the business thrived after a J-Curve growth. The company is made up of powerful secrets that can help individuals live healthy lifestyles and learn about health facts.

She is continuously looking for a problem-solving business. And look how successful she was following her start-ups. She also runs Mercy Mogase Beauty and Mercy Mogase Health. Despite this, she runs The Lifestyle Bar in Sandton, Gauteng, one of the most luxurious health-related businesses in the country.

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