Jocelyn Berry Wikipedia, Bio, Tweet, Age, Daughter

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Jocelyn Berry Wikipedia, Bio, Tweet, Age, Daughter

Jocelyn Berry Wikipedia, Bio, Tweet, Age, Daughter

Jocelyn Berry Wikipedia, Bio, Tweet, Age, Daughter – While being taken captive by Ariel Castro in December 2006, Amanda, who is now 36, gave birth to her daughter Jocelyn, who is now 15 years old. Since being recused, Amanda has kept her daughter out of the spotlight, but she has given updates in television interviews.

Jocelyn Berry Wikipedia, Bio, Tweet, Age, DaughterJocelyn Berry Wikipedia, Bio, Tweet, Age, Daughter

Erin Hennessey, Jocelyn’s previous instructor, told ABC News in January 2020 that she is “more wonderful than I could even use words to convey. “I often describe her as wise above her years,” she continued. Jocelyn has spent her time over the years coming to terms with her history and advancing away from the spotlight.

Ariel abducted Amanda, Michelle, and Gina between 2002 and 2004. He kept them imprisoned in his Cleveland, Ohio, house until 2013. According to ABC News, when he was ultimately apprehended, he admitted guilt to 937 felony counts of rape, kidnapping, and aggravated murder.

The felon fathered five children, including Jocelyn, before his arrest and suicide. In her autobiography Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland, Amanda discussed the birth of her daughter and revealed that she first feared for Jocelyn’s life.

“I believe my mother sent me this infant. She’s using it to give me an angel. But I’m concerned about what he’ll do “By way of The Cinemaholic, Amanda writes. Despite her worries, she tried to connect with Ariel’s feelings in the hopes that she would be able to keep her.

“As the infant began to kick, I grabbed his hand and put it on my tummy… I thought if he was enthused about being a new father, the baby would be protected,” she continued. Afterwards, Amanda was given permission to keep her daughter, who is still with her today.

Since being saved, Amanda has tended to avoid the spotlight, but in January 2020, she and the other victims of Ariel appeared on an episode of ABC’s 20/20 and talked openly about their mothers.

You know, this is his kid. What do I think of that? She had a striking resemblance to him, and whenever I looked at her, I couldn’t help but think she was mine. Hers is mine, “through ABC News, she stated at the time.

Jocelyn is becoming older, learning more [about her father], and how she’s handling that delicately, “Added Robin Roberts. The women continued to say that Jocelyn assisted them in getting away from the scenario despite the similarities.

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